The Right Detail...

When comparing our timber garden buildings with others please note key differences, you won't be comparing 'apples for apples' as they say.

Benefits from key design details ensure your garden building stays 'dry' inside, from triple corner strips to mastic sealed window & door frames prior to cladding, its the detail that matters along with using the right spec/grade of timber ('Unsorted joinery grade & 5th grade redwoods'). It's our approach across the whole range of garden buildings we manufacture...getting the detail right. Pleasing design, sturdy construction, built to last and with an aim to add value to your propery.

Your timber building supplied constructed with the right methods, in the right grade timber and finished with the right preservative ('Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain') or paint system. Due to specialising in the manufacture of timber buildings for over 30 years Frenchmoor are able to offer you a professional service from the start of your project, through to completion. In short, garden buildings fit for purpose and excellent value.

Why you may ask do we stress these points, it's simple, in this industry it's not the norm.

And just to underline...They are made by us, skilled joiners and finished by hand...Not sales's what we do...and as a final confirmation either a 2 yr or 5 yr warranty is included within our range of buildings for peace of mind.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" - Henry Ford



Softwood Timber Grades For 'Scandinavian Redwood' Explained

  • 6th Grade Redwood - Generally the lowest imported Redwood grade. It has large knots and defects. Used for packing cases and some claddings.
  • 5th Grade Redwood ** - Multi purpose grade for planed timber, generally large quantities of knots including dead knots evident. Used for cladding, flooring, skirting & architraves.
  • Unsorted Joinery ** - Grades 1 to 4. Quality joinery timber where the lower grades have been removed (sorted), retaining grades 1 to 4 (unsorted). Less knots evident throughout. Used in the manufacture of doors, windows, stairs and also for top quality machined skirting, architraves and dado rails etc.
  • Center Free Green Split - This joinery grade cuts out the center of the tree before kilning thus reducing defects further for specialist trades.

** Grades used by Frenchmoor  


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