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Q. Are your garden buildings treated?

A. Our standard timber buildings are treated in a 'wax based' preservative in either green or brown, two coats. You may choose a 'clear' preservative again 2 coats but without UV protection so the timber will weather to 'grey'. If painted our paint system consists firstly 3 coats of a blocking primer/undercoat followed by 2/3 top coats of Teknos.

Q. How long will my building last?

A. Any of our timber buildings will last many, many years as long as a sensible maintenance plan is followed. Check our section 'Care' for more details.

Q. My requirement is non-standard?

A. Not a problem. We manufacture our buildings in any size and to whatever spec' you require. Check our 'Bespoke' page for more details.

Q. Will my garden building require planning permission?

A. Please check our 'Planning' page for advice.

Q. How long will delivery take?

A. Depending on what building you have ordered delivery will take between 6/8 weeks. At point of order we will give you a delivery date.

 Q. Can I request a certain day for delivery?

A. Where possible we are happy to arrange delivery on a day of your choice.

Q. Can I collect my order?

A. Yes, subject to arrangement.

Q. Can I pay over the phone?

A. Yes, we can take secure card payments over the phone.

These are just a sample, if you have further questions please ask and we will happily answer your queries.

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