The Lodge...NEW MODEL!

From £775.00

Here we have The Lodge which performs perfectly for storage but with the addition of the georgian window along side the door giving you a look that's not the regular.

You may even wish to use it depending on the size chosen as part storage and part garden room where you can enjoy a good book and a quiet cup of tea sat in a comfortable chair. We always like dual purpose here at Frenchmoor, that and a quiet cup of tea!

"Something else worth noting...your warranty"

"You could easy combine storage with a little me space"

The Lodge follows the pattern of specification that's standard within the Woodberry Range such as 72" (1830mm) eaves giving ample headroom, plated hardware for the door, drip-bar above the door and a window with glass secured with security tape and beading. The Lodge's window is an opening georgian top-hung with a casement stay at the bottom.

A build quality consistant with longevity starts with a strong frame construction then a quality Redwood vertical TGV cladding which is also used for the floor and roof. As with all our buildings manufactured at Frenchmoor detail is important to us so the frames have screwed joints, window frames are sealed and triple corner strips are applied to the exterior corners for example.

The Lodge is available with the apex style roof with the door and window in the gable end. You choose whether you want the door to the left or right of the window. Three sizes to choose from...6 x 6, 6 x 8 & 6 x 10, the 6' gable end with door & window is the same for each.

Upgrades are available such as insulate & ply-line, felt-tile roof, Osmo Natural Oil treatment or a painted finish.

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The Lodge spec...


  • Minimum internal height 1830mm/6'0"
  • 63 x 38mm (1.5"x2.5") framework, all joints screwed
  • Redwood 5th 13mm finish TGV cladding, vertical


  • Height 1750mm/69" x 755mm/29.75" width
  • Ledged & braced construction, TGV clad
  • Top drip bar above door
  • 250mm/10" plated hinges & pad-lock bolt


  • Joinery georgian top-hung window
  • Glass secured by security tape & bead


  • 63 x 38mm (2.5"x1.5") joists
  • 13mm finish TGV boards 
  • Oil/Solvent treatment


  • 63 x 38mm (2.5"x1.5") purlins, 13mm finish TGV
  • 180mm (7") Roof overhang above door panel
  • 15 year ultra durable mineral roll in black

Exterior Treatment 

  • 'Brown' oil/solvent biocide preservative with UV


How much will my new shed cost?

The 'Assembled' price includes a complete building erected ready for you to use. Bases are extra as are any options required.

  • The Lodge Prices Inc' Vat
  • Base Prep
Size Assembled Osmo Cuprinol Felt-tiles 20yr
6 x 6 £775.00 £200.00 £100.00 £325.00
6 x 8 £875.00 £250.00 £150.00 £425.00
6 x 10 £975.00 £300.00 £200.00 £525.00

How do I order my new shed?

Decide what size you need, any extras you require then give us a call, we'll take it from there.

Call us on 01794 340924...

...and you can be using your new shed within 2-3 weeks from order.

"What options are there regarding the base on which to erect my building?"

Option 1 - Timber Chassis - If you have an area such as grass, gravel or 'un-level' concrete, slabs or a combination of either we can supply a 'Timber Chassis' to erect your garden building on. It's a heavy duty frame which supports the whole floor. The timber chassis is levelled using timber 'feet' throughout.

Option 2 - Concrete Base - The ultimate base prep' for your building is a concrete base. A professionally fitted 'reinforced' concrete base will always be the best solution.

Timber Chassis                                                        


Reinforced Concrete Base


SizeChassisConcrete Base
6 x 4 £100.00 £350.00
7 x 5 £150.00 £450.00
8 x 6 £150.00 £550.00
8 x 8 £200.00 £700.00
10 x 6 £200.00 £700.00
10 x 8 £250.00 £900.00
10 x 10 £300.00 £1150.00
12 x 6 £250.00 £900.00
12 x 8 £300.00 £1150.00
12 x 10 £400.00 £1350.00
14 x 8 £350.00 £1350.00
14 x 10 £450.00 £1550.00
16 x 8 £400.00 £1550.00
16 x 10 £500.00 £1800.00
18 X 10 £600.00 £2050.00
20 X 10 £700.00 £2300.00