The Woodford Shed...

From £1675.00 all inclusive

Choosing a 'genuine' premium quality shed can seem a bit of a minefield and certainly frustrating understanding which is best value for you.

At Frenchmoor we can take the stress away because we have a solution in the versatile 'Woodford' shed. A timber garden shed or shall we say building for those of you that want a more substantial construction, better design detail...a building to last. Choosing the 'Woodford' shed you'll know with confidence each time you step inside you've purchased a building that will last and be future proof for a change in can also make for a perfect workshop.

  • Lasting...'Joinery' grade timbers used throughout
  • Dry inside...Designed fit for purpose
  • Pleasure to use...Joinery door & windows
  • Peace of mind... 5 year warranty

150mm/6" Redwood Cladding

44mm/1.75" Joinery F,L&B Door

70mm/2.75" Redwood Framework

15 year Black Mineral Felt 

"When the choice of materials and construction detail come have a shed classic"


The Woodford model offers versatility in design with a choice of windows, doors and roof styles. The exterior cladding is a deep 6" (150mm) 'Unsorted grade' shiplap which is virtually knot free after we have further 'graded' in house.

Attention to detail as always with our buildings continues with a door frame with top drip bar and bottom sill, a solid door of framed, ledged & braced construction and a mortice lock plus lever handle. Again the windows have a substantial frame, sill and include one vent per twin unit. A breather membrane is fitted between the framework and cladding acting as a vapour barrier making for a moisture restistant interior. 

Available in either apex or pent style roof with a choice of door positions. Both styles have a minimum internal height of 6'6" (1981mm) so head room won't be a concern. The 'Woodford' shed is perfect for storing your garden tools, lawn mower etc but also if you want a building for your hobby or even trade it's ideal too.

Standard exterior finish consists of 2 coats of a Thorndown paint system in a choice of colours.

Customize as you wish...

Popular upgrades are 20yr felt-tiles, Teknos paint system (4 coat, spray application including blocking primer & top coats), ply-liner between framework and the breather membrane giving a durable interior wood finish and also the full insulate and ply-line option.

  • Teknos paint system with a re-paint cycle up to 7 years - choice of colours + RAL codes 
  • Cedar shingles & 20 year felt-tiles (Grey, red, green) for the roof
  • Guttering - 100mm/4" plus down pipes
  • Double doors, extra doors
  • Windows - choice of two sizes or bespoke
  • Ply-liner or insulate & ply-line

Wish to share...

Woodford spec...

Exterior cladding is joinery 'Unsorted' grade 'Redwood' (grades 1 to 4)


  • Minimum internal height 1980mm/6'6"
  • 70 x 44mm framework, all joints screwed, breather membrane
  • 19 x 150mm/6" 'Unsorted' grade shiplap cladding


  • Height 1780mm/70" x 755mm/29.75" width
  • 44mm/1.75" thickness. Framed, ledged & braced, TGV insert
  • Door frame set includes top & bottom drip bars
  • Heavy 300mm galvanized hinges, mortice lock & lever handle

Windows (standard non-georgian)

  • Choice of sizes, landscape or portrait
  • 4mm float glass, security tape
  • Option available for double glazed


  • Closed frame in 70 x 44mm timbers (suitable for 50mm insulation)
  • ex 19 x 125mm TGV boards (also treated)


  • 95 x 44mm purlins, ex 19 x 125mm TGV
  • Heavy roof truss for widths above 1830mm/6ft
  • 15 year ultra durable mineral roll in black

Exterior Finish (standard coating)

  • 2 coats of a Thorndown paint system, choice of colours




  • Woodford Options
  • Base Prep

Teknos Paint System

Water based microporous paint specifically designed for exterior joinery. Incorporates resin systems which when dry are both flexible and breathable, allowing timber to move naturally through the seasons while minimising cracking and peeling associated with solvent based coatings.

Firstly we apply by spray two coats of 'Antistain Aqua' primer which prevents knot resins seeping to the surface plus enhancing adhesion of the top coats.

Secondly we again apply by spray two coats of 'Aquatop 2600' microporous topcoat which gives extended protection against weathering, UV degradation, mould and fungal attack. Re-paint cycle up to 7 years.



Residential grade tiles by 'Isola' with a life span of 20 years plus. A combination of glass felt and thick, flexible bitumen produces a product that is both strong and flexible. Wind rated to 120 mph. Colours available grey and red.

Please note these are not to be confused with the lesser grade felt-tiles used on many garden buildings manufactured throughout the UK. 


Cedar Shingles

Premium grade 1 'Blue Label' Western Red Cedar shingles. These are knot free shingles which we secure using stainless nails to certified battens. They give a beautiful look to a roof from when first installed to when weathered to a natural silver grey colour. The life span is up to 30 years plus.  

"What options are there regarding the base on which to erect my building?"

Option 1 - Timber Chassis - If you have an area such as grass, gravel or 'un-level' concrete, slabs or a combination of either we can supply a 'Timber Chassis' to erect your garden building on. It's a heavy duty frame which supports the whole floor. The timber chassis is levelled using timber 'feet' throughout. 

Option 2 - Concrete Base - The ultimate base prep' for your building is a concrete base. A professionally fitted 'reinforced' concrete base will always be the best solution. Recommended contractor details available for no obligation quote.

Timber Chassis                                                        


Reinforced Concrete Base