Dry logs = More heat!

Logs are best organized in sheltered storage within easy reach of your back door and choosing one of our log stores will do just that. Something sturdy, lasting and as a bonus with a colour of your choice!

  • Heights 5'0" rear, 4'6" front
  • 6' x 2'6" ( ) Capacity 1.9 cubic metres
  • 5' x 2'6" ( ) Capacity 1.6 cubic metres
  • 4' x 2'6" ( ) Capacity 1.2 cubic metres

Choice of two exterior cladding's, either a 6"/150mm Shiplap or a 8"/200mm rebated feather-edge.

Main construction of the log store has a brown wood preservative applied with the exterior side panels and trim finished in a Thorndown paint system. Choice of colours available plus mixed to RAL code if required.

Prices Include Delivery, Assembly & Vat

4 x 2'6" - (1.2 x 0.75m)£375.00
5' x 2'6" - (1.5 x 0.75m)£425.00
6' x 2'6" - (1.8 x 0.75m)£475.00

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Berkshire - Buckinghamshire - Dorset - Gloucestershire - Hampshire

Oxfordshire - Somerset - Surrey - West Sussex - Wiltshire

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Logstore O1

200mm/8” Rebated F-edge Cladding

Logstore O2

150mm/6" 5th Shiplap Cladding

Logstore O3

Useful Solar Light

Logstore O4

Choice of Roof Coverings

Options to enhance your log-store...

  • House grade 30 year felt-tiles - grey
  • Faux slate 40 year - choice of colours
  • Cedar shingles 30 year plus - Blue label grade
  • Osmo natural oil finish - choice of colours
  • Solar light - useful!
  • Bespoke sizes made to order


Logstore interior
3m log-store

Want a different size?

Log-stores generally need to 'fit in' so you may need a particular size if under a window or along the side of your property for example.

You can have any size you wish, just ask for a quote.


Log-Store Build Specifications

  • Height 152.5cm/5'0" Rear - 137cm/4'6" Front
  • 70 x 45mm framework, all joints screwed
  • Cladding 150mm/6" Redwood shiplap or 200mm/8" rebated Feather-edge
  • 70 x 45mm framework
  • 70 x 22mm slats
  • 70 x 45mm framework
  • 115 x 14mm TGV Redwood
  • 15 year Ultra durable black mineral felt
Exterior Finish
  • 2 coats of Thorndown paint system to exterior cladding & trim timbers
  • 2 coat of solvent preservative to all other timbers
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that end our buildings have a 5 year build warranty.”

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