The Moreton Classic Shed/Workshop

Moreton Classic Top

Timber Shed by request!

This model was introduced at the request of customers wanting a Frenchmoor garden shed but not needing the full spec of our Woodford model.

A stalwart timber shed built to last as with any of our buildings. The differences being this model has a 'Character' 5th grade shiplap cladding meaning it has knots, the internal height is 6'0" (1.8m) into the eaves, the door is framed construction with surface clad TGV with brenton padbolt and the standard window is fixed without vent.

It's been pared back but not compromised, including our 5 year build warranty. A classic timber shed that will most certainly give you many decades of use when maintained.

5th grade 'Character' 150mm/6" Shiplap cladding
• Lasting - No compromise on construction detail & timbers used
• Dry inside - Standard fit for purpose
• Pleasure to use - Substantial door & window
• Peace of mind - 5 year build warranty


Moreton D1

150mm/6" 5th Shiplap Cladding

Moreton D2

44mm/1.75" Frame & TGV Clad Door

Moreton D3

70mm/2.75" Redwood Framework

Moreton D4

Joinery Grade Window Frame

Prices Include Delivery, Assembly & Vat

6' X 4' - (1.8 x 1.2m)£1950.0012' X 8' - (3.6 x 2.4m)£4550.00
7' X 5' - (2.1 x 1.5m)£2100.0012' X 10' - (3.6 x 3.0m)£5450.00
8' X 6' - (2.4 x 1.8m)£2250.0014' X 8' - (4.3 x 2.4m)£4850.00
8' X 8' - (2.4 x 2.4m)£2850.0014' X 10' - (4.3 x 3.0m)£6250.00
10' X 6' - (3.0 x 1.8m)£2750.0016' X 8' - 4.9 x 2.4m)£5550.00
10' X 8' - (3.0 x 2.4m)£3550.0016' X 10' - (4.9 x 3.0m)£7150.00
10' X 10' - (3.0 x 3.0m)£4550.0018' X 10' - (5.5 x 3.0m)£8450.00
12' X 6' - (3.6 x 1.8m)£4250.0020' X 10' - (6.1 x 3.0m)£9750.00

Have an old shed?

What to do with your old shed...Not a problem, we have a solution as easy as one, two, three.

For more details just ask.


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Berkshire - Buckinghamshire - Dorset - Devon

East Sussex - Essex - Gloucestershire - Greater London

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Somerset - Surrey - West Sussex - Wiltshire

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“When customers asked for another option
we listened…The Moreton classic”


Available in either apex or pent style roof with a choice of door positions. Both styles have a minimum internal height of 6’0” (1.8m).

Attention to detail as always with our garden buildings continues with a solid door with top drip bar, heavy 300mm galvanised hinges plus Brenton padlock bolt.

The window has a substantial frame, sill with glass panes including a security tape. For the walls an important breather membrane is fitted between the framework and cladding making for a moisture resistant interior, moisture out not in.

All add up to a reliable timber shed you can trust.

Standard exterior finish consists of 2 coats of Barrettine wood preservative in either a dark brown or charcoal.

In short, the ‘Moreton Classic’ shed is perfect for storing your garden tools, lawn mower etc and if required can also make for a perfect garden workshop for your hobby or trade.

Any questions just ask...01794 340924.



Customize your Moreton timber shed as you wish…

You can easily enhance your new timber shed with popular upgrades such as 30yr residential grade felt-tiles, Osmo natural oil finish, a ply-liner between framework and the breather membrane giving a durable interior wood finish plus you could consider transforming it's use with a full insulate and ply-line option making your timber shed perfect for all year use.

  • Osmo natural oil wood finish - in a choice of colours + RAL codes
  • 20 year plus felt-tiles
  • 30 year plus Cedar shingles on certified battens
  • 40 year faux slate tiles - choice of colours
  • Guttering - 100mm/4” plus down pipes
  • Double doors, extra doors
  • Windows - choice of sizes or bespoke
  • Double glazed windows
  • Ply-liner or insulate & ply-line

Customize as you wish

Felt-Tile Roof

20 years plus felt-tile, colour black.

Faux Slate Roof







They have the natural look but without the weight. Durable, high impact resistant and importantly unlike real slate won't crack.

Tapco faux slate has a 40 year warranty and at the end of its life cycle can be recycled.

You have a range of 7 colours to choose from!

Cedar Shingle Roof

Premium grade 1 'Blue Label' Western Red Cedar shingles. These are knot free shingles which we secure using stainless fixings to certified battens. They give a beautiful look to a roof from when first installed to when weathered to a natural silver grey colour. The life span is up to 30 years plus.


Residential 100mm/4" half-round gutter with down pipe. Important option in aiding a low maintance timber building by reducing water contact from roof run-off. Water butts can also be installed if required.

Double Doors/Extra Doors

These can be a standard pair width of 152cm (60") or a door and a half pair width at 114cm (45"). Framed, ledged & braced door construction, hinges can be either galvanized T-hinges or Stainless bearing hinges.

You may just wish to add an additional single door for different access or combined with an internal partion so acting as a seperate storage unit.


During construction we can install a ply-liner between the panel frame and the breather membrane. This gives a durable and attractive interior finish. It can be left natural or have a clear coat or painted finish.

Insulate & Ply-line

Once your building has been erected we can install 50mm (2") Celotex to the walls and roof which we then cover with a hardwood faced plywood. If electrics are being installed we undertake after the 1st fix. With regards to the floor we install at the factory, priced separately.

Osmo Natural Oil

Available in an opaque or translucent finish Osmo offers a genuine top quality product which doesn't flake, peel or blister. Easy future maintenance, just ensure the surface is clean and dry and apply another thin coat. Choice of colours plus can be mixed to RAL codes.

Moreton Classic Build Specifications

  • Minimum internal height 1.8m/6'0"
  • 70 x 44mm framework, all joints screwed, breather membrane
  • 19 x 150mm/6" 5th character grade shiplap cladding
  • Height 1780mm/70" x 755mm/29.75" width
  • 44mm/1.75" frame with TGV clad
  • Door frame includes top drip bar
  • Heavy 300mm galvanized hinges plus Brenton padbolt
  • Standard twin unit 1.2m/4'0" wide
  • 4mm float glass, security tape
  • Option available for double glazed
  • Closed frame in 70 x 44mm timbers (suitable for 50mm insulation)
  • ex 19 x 125mm TGV boards (also treated)
  • 95 x 44mm roof purlins, ex 19 x 125mm TGV
  • Heavy roof truss for widths above 1.8m/6ft
  • 15 year ultra durable mineral roll in black
Exterior Finish (standard coating)
  • 2 coats of a Barrettine wood preservative in either a dark brown or charcoal
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“When buying a garden building from us we want
you to do so with peace of mind and confidence
in that what we say is what we supply. To
that end our buildings have a 5 year build warranty.”

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